Григорий Беневич (benev) wrote,
Григорий Беневич

"последний писк" в максимоведении

не для детей

Maximus is welcomed as a potential ally in the quest to validate queer and homosexual theological and moral agenda. His emphasis upon the generic character of human nature and the imago Dei, along with his notion that Christ overcomes the binary division of nature into male and female, are martialled in support of more fluid interpretation of sexual identity. The body of Christ is "multi-gendred," argues Gerard Loughlin, and so it is a polymorphous image that all marriages, same-sex and other-sex, are called to share and show".

Adam Cooper. Из доклада на Белградской конференции по прп. Максиму. Автор ссылается на статью Gerard Loughlin. Nuptial Mysteries. 2012.

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